Will anyone read this?

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Random Uselessness

Well, thanks to my good friend Mark LeHew (www.smellmylife.com) I have been inspired to begin my own blog–and I am forced to ask the question “will anyone read this?” With millions of bloggers, here’s hopin’.

I will mostly write about my interests, (Real original, huh?) observations, and life in general. Oh, and as for my name, “Captain Useless” I was dubbed this by my co-workers several years back. They said it was because I was a wealth of useless trivia knowledge. I think it’s because I was just plain useless on the job. Either way, the name has stuck, so welcome to the mind of Captain Useless.

  1. melszyd says:

    I will read this. 🙂

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