Random Ranting

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Random Uselessness

OK-here comes some mental diarrhea. I apologize for the purge.

My weekends are busier than my workweek…and I teach in a middle school.

I don’t like when drive thru workers cut me off when I’m ordering with statements like, “would you like anything else?” Well, if they would let me finish my order I would let them know.

Bob Barr is running for president. Seriously? What is he thinking. He has about as much of a chance of winning as Al Sharpton does becoming the head of the Mormon Church.

John Wayne was a better Davy Crockett than Fess Parker.

I am a rich, rich man. Not in money, but in family and friends.

I need to be a better witness for Christ.

  1. smellmylife says:

    I hate it when those “hyper-eager” drive thru workers cut me off! It happens two or three times every time I order.
    John Wayne had a set. Fess Parker, well his name was Fess.
    Bob Barr thinks he can be president just because he hosted The Price is Right? What an egomaniac!

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