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Five months ago, I pondered an electoral college tie this fall. While a long shot, I thought it was a viable possibility. Now that it is 2 weeks to the election…and the polls solidly in Obama’s favor it looks unlikely that there will be a tie this fall. So, what happened?

I have no idea. Well, actually that’s not true. I do have a few ideas about what has happened. My first theory involves the mass hypnosis of half our population by some subliminal messages, probably received by listening to NPR or watching Oprah. It is beyond me how half the voting population is ready to elect Sen. Obama. Promises of change, not specific change, just change are still all I have heard. Nothing concrete, other than the very real prospect of wealth re-distribution. Which, as a member of the “lower” class should sound good to me…but because I have a brain I understand the implications long term.

The federal government seems poised to make the largest power grab since the “New Deal.” Maybe we can call this the “Raw Deal.”


The Cap’n is BACK!

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Random Uselessness

OK..OK..I know what you’re thinking.  Where has the captain of all things useless been?  Well, actually…I’ve been busy…or should I say lazy.  I apologize to all of my readers.  All “both of you.”  I’m really sorry Mom and Dad.

Now.  There’s a lot to talk about…the economy, the election, the destruction of the Dallas Cowboys…where should I begin?  I will do my best to talk about it all…and maybe, just maybe…make a little sense.