About Captain Useless

At the age of 4 the “cap’n” was dropped on his head repeatedly, giving him the power to store useless information in the synapses of his brain.  This information while interesting (and at times annoying) does not serve any purpose and has yet to earn captain useless any money.

Captian Useless aka Steve Forrester lives directly under the Earth’s sun….well, at least during the day and in a relative way at night.  He likes seafood, walks on the beach with his “loverly” wife and best friend (yes, they are the same person…it is possible!), and low cost car insurance.  The balance of his time is spent playing with his children, organizing his vast Hummel figurine collection, and cliff diving.  If you are reading this still, I hope that you’re smiling by now.  If you’re not smiling, get over yourself. 


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